The Return of the Measles

Dr Katie (general practitioner) blogs today about the unfortunate resurgence of measles in Australia over recent years. She tells us all about why this has happened, what to look for if you think your child has measles and most importantly, what to do about it.

Glandular fever (infectious mononucleosis)

Today Dr Megs blogs about a common infection with a bad reputation. Glandular Fever or “infectious mononucleosis.” This awful condition is caused by the Epstein-Barr Virus – come and find out how to know if your child has it, and how to prevent it.

Febrile convulsions

So today we are going to discuss a phenomenon that we see in kids' emergency departments ALL THE TIME.  Given that in the last 2-3 days the weather has gotten cold and we flu season is literally JUST around the corner, I thought this might be a good topic to cover for...

Fever in children

So it's that time of year again... Winter.  Flu season. Fun, fun, fun.  Upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs), colds and viruses are so incredibly common in both children AND adults this time of year.  Here in our household, a virus has done the rounds TWICE....

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About Dr Megs

About Dr Megs

Megan is a Brisbane and Ipswich-based paediatrician in public and private practice, and mum to two small children. You can usually find her working hard in private practice at Paeds in a Pod North Lakes and Greenslopes, and in public practice at Ipswich Hospital.

PLEASE NOTE: This blog is written for the purpose of providing GENERAL advice about common children's health topics (and of course recipes). It is NOT a substitute for a proper medical assessment and examination by a qualified physician. If your child is unwell, seek medical and attention and advice in person.