Helloooooo again everyone! After a not-all that-relaxing (well... I DO have a 2 year old and a 5 year old and the plane trip home was enough to undo any relaxation that could have occurred prior to that point!) and not-nearly-long-enough week away I am back at the...

School sores (impetigo)

Oh the scourge!  Oh the affliction!  Woe is the befallen and all else run for your lives!!

One of the most awful and common infections spread by children – SCHOOL SORES (otherwise known as impetigo). Here’s what to do about it.

How stimulant medications for ADHD work

Gosh guys, I have to apologise. I have been struggling with my (over) commitments over the last few weeks and after 3 weekends away from home (and my family) for various reasons, I have fallen behind with my blogging! Working on some projects that I really hope will...

Iron Deficiency

Well hello again everyone! Can you believe that the year is drawing to a close?!  I know we say it every year, but geez this year went quickly!  The tree is UP, the orders (to Santa) are IN and the kids… well the kids are still not really behaving themselves despite...

Itchy girl bits (vulvovaginitis)

Hey there mums and dads, Gosh, I said I'd try hard to get these posts out earlier and I managed to last 1 whole week with that (face palm) - sorry.   Have had an epic weekend, only arrived home from 4 days in Canberra this afternoon and have been running around,...

Constipation (Part 2) – Treatment

Hi again mums and dads! So to continue on from where we left off last week on this "hard" topic (ha ha!), we were going to discuss the different products that are on the market to treat constipation. Back in the day (like ~20 years ago) when I worked in community...

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About Dr Megs

About Dr Megs

Megan is a Brisbane and Ipswich-based paediatrician in public and private practice, and mum to two small children. You can usually find her working hard in private practice at Paeds in a Pod North Lakes and Greenslopes, and in public practice at Ipswich Hospital.

PLEASE NOTE: This blog is written for the purpose of providing GENERAL advice about common children's health topics (and of course recipes). It is NOT a substitute for a proper medical assessment and examination by a qualified physician. If your child is unwell, seek medical and attention and advice in person.