Fresh green pesto (salsa verde)

I love home made pesto. Ever since I made it the first time at home, I never purchased the store-ready stuff in a jar again. It is good for so many reasons, It tastes amazing - the flavours are so much more bright and intense when made fresh It is healthy and there...

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About Dr Megs

About Dr Megs

Megan is a Brisbane and Ipswich-based paediatrician in public and private practice, and mum to two small children. You can usually find her working hard in private practice at Paeds in a Pod North Lakes and Greenslopes, and in public practice at Ipswich Hospital.

PLEASE NOTE: This blog is written for the purpose of providing GENERAL advice about common children's health topics (and of course recipes). It is NOT a substitute for a proper medical assessment and examination by a qualified physician. If your child is unwell, seek medical and attention and advice in person.